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Headshot Session: Wardrobe

This is my favorite part, CLOTHES!

Casting sees TONS of headshots in itty-bitty thumbnails so let’s create some interest with your images and wardrobe. You should always have an image that shows your authentic self in your tool box. Los Angeles Headshot photographer Dana Patrick is praised for her work because she makes art with her styling and images. Take a peek and see what I mean on Dana's Instagram. Notice how she keeps everyone looking modern, stylish, fresh, but also authentic.

Check out my other blog post on Brainstorming your brand and characters that you play in your life: Headshot Session: Brainstorming


- Modern clothing, cleaned, ironed/steamed and on hangers.

- Clothing that represent characters you would play, but also garments that show who YOU are.

- Things that are out there: shiny, textured, bright, glam, etc. You may not use them, but it's fun to have the option.

- Clothing with any textured detail looks marvelous on camera. (sweaters, beading, embroidery, jackets).

- Layers are good, if you have a jacket or sweater you think will add to the look, I recommend bringing those. Bring off the wall layers too.

-Jewelry and accessories are always nice to have as options, especially if it helps tell the story. Bring them in bags or jewelry box for easy navigating.


- Neutrals (white, tan, soft grey, cream, blush, sky blues, etc) are excellent.

- Earthy tones (grays, blues, denim, olive, corals, pinks, the occasionally yellow and also black) are beautiful.

- Jewel tones look really pretty too (aqua, green, fuchsia, deep blues, etc).

- Some Patterns are okay, bring them and we can discuss.

Create a Pinterest board (my Pinterest below) to help you narrow ideas down. Show your photographer images you like and why you like the image (wardrobe, lighting, pose, background, makeup, hair, etc.).

Headshots by laura Pinterest board:


-Laura F.


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